The Latest Products of the MIPAS ESA Processor
Raspollini, Piera1; MIPAS, L2 QWG2

MIPAS measurements on ENVISAT represent a unique database for the study of the atmospheric composition, of the time variation of atmospheric constituents and, in combination with other data, for the study of trends.

With the end of the ENVISAT mission, the importance of this decadal set of measurements justifies any efforts for their full exploitation.

The maintenance and the upgrade of the ESA processor are made in the frame of the Quality Working Group, where a fruitful collaboration between L1, L2 and validation teams can be exploited. This collaboration is essential to pursue improvements in the accuracy of the products and their characterization.

Recently a new version of the Level 2 processor (ML2PP V7) has been finalized, containing a new approach for handling the continuum capable of making the retrieval more stable, a new selection of spectral intervals for the analysis of the full resolution measurements aimed to reduce the bias between full resolution and optimized resolution measurements, the regularization of the H2O profiles, the products of five new species (CFC-22, CFC-14, HCN, COF2, CCl4).
The addition of these 5 species leads to 15 the number of species processed by the operational processor, but the list of retrieved species can be further enlarged.

The latest improvements implemented in the ESA processor and the results of the feasibility studies for additional upgrades will be presented and discussed.