Geothermal Water Energy of Pamir High - Mountain as Alternative Source of Energy for Preserving Biodiversity
Navruzbekova, Munira; Navruzbekova, Munira
Khorog State University, TAJIKISTAN

At the energetic crisis period, which appeared recently, lack of electricity and fuel, searching of untraditionally sources of energy is especially actual. As a these alternative sources of energy can served the heat of sun energy, wind source and geothermal energy. In the territory of Pamir their exist more than 70 sources of geothermal waters, which already are used for treating of different illnesses - heart disease, skin disease, gynecological and bone illness. However, using of heat of geothermal waters for all - year - round cultivation of vegetables, potatoes and other plants experienced only recently.
In horticulture practice recently distributed tendency for the using of geothermal greenhouses with polyethylene film for cultivation of vegetables and seedlings.
Our experiments shown that planting of seedlings in early period ( at the end of Nowember ) inside the geothermal greenhouses allowed harvest of cucumber plants at the end of February. The first fruits harvested when the height of of cucumber was equal to 300 - 400 gram. The average harvest of cucumber was equal to 20 - 25 kg per 1 m2.
Inside the geothermal greenhouses is possible growing of decorative, subtropic and citric plants during the all seasons of the year. Recently the problem is that virus and bacterial illnesses caused decreasing of productivity of potato plants. In this connection using of heat of geothermal sources of energy for the cultivation of health improving potatoes is highly effective. These experiments were carried out at the height of 2600 meter above the sea level.
The gained experience allowed us conclude:
1. Using of geothermal sources of energy In extremely conditions of Pamir caused favorable microclimatic conditions for the growth and development of all of kinds of vegetables.
2. Inside the greenhouses one can grow also decorative, citric and subtopic plants despite of severity weather conditions outside.
3. Geothermal sources of energy of Pamir high mountains can served as a mean of conserving Biodiversity for rapid reproduction of rare and vanishing plant species.