Paving the road to Long Term Data Analysis: From Big Data Curation to Exploitation
Gomez Cid, Celestino; Perez, Ruben

ESA is leading several activities related to Long Term Data Preservation in order to cope with the many challenges regarding the fact that data do not end with missions, and its added value can be lost if not appropriately stored, owned and curated. Moreover other aspects are also necessary to ensure a good data exploitation in the long term. Scientific communities have to cope also with increasing heterogeneous sources, missions, and a better visibility of the past data is necessary in order to take the most from the exploitation.
From the technological point of view, this is not a problem only related to science, but more related to Big Data challenges. Big Data phenomena is affecting many fields not only related to science, and the needs are very similar from one to other. GMV contributes with innovative technics and methods to increase the quality of the Curation and the Interoperability in the long term in order to pave the road towards a scientific exploitation of high quality. This knowledge has been acquired from previous activities related to the explosion of data in Internet and the need to discover and use it appropriately.
In the long term, a symbiosis will exist between Open Distributed Software and Long Term Data Preservation and Exploitation, given the amount of data to be kept and managed. Thus, GMV contributes also as a Software integrator to take the most from already developed and proven solutions, focusing in their integration and maintenance.