The Integrated Climate Data Centre (ICDC) and its Current and Future Services Related to Sea Ice Data
Kern, Stefan; Sadikni, Remon; Kaleschke, Lars; Rösel, Anja; Gouretski, Viktor; Jahnke-Bornemann, Annika; Stammer, Detlef
CliSAP, University of Hamburg, GERMANY

The Integrated Climate Data Center (ICDC) at the Center for Climate System Analysis and Prediction (CliSAP), University of Hamburg, Germany:, has the mandate to provide CliSAP users with Earth observation data; this includes satellite, air-borne, and in-situ observations. Data holdings exist for land, atmosphere, ocean as well as ice and snow. Data originating outside CliSAP are mainly restricted to users from CliSAP. However, a growing number of data sets are produced, quality improved, or re-processed at CliSAP and are distributed via ICDC beyond CliSAP. ICDC cooperates with EUMETSAT, ESA, and DWD and cross links available data sets. It is in particular involved in two ESA CCI ECV intiatives: SSH and Sea Ice. It coordinates with DOD at BSH and PANGAEA at AWI/University Bremen on data coordination, data archiving and international data provision. Part of the activities at ICDC is also being coordinated with WCRP/CLIVAR/GSOP. Recently, ICDC started a closer collaboration with the German Climate Computing Center (DKRZ) to archive data in the CERA data base, which ensures long-term storage, and to assign a digital object identifier to the data sets.

Our service to the users comprises:

In our presentation we will present the general structure and content of the ICDC web portal. We will give examples of data set production and talk about a few data sets related to sea ice; these will be sea ice area fraction, Arctic melt pond cover fraction and Antarctic polynya location and area. The presentation will further comment on our future activities with regard to sea ice; here the focus will lie on results from the ESA CCI sea ice ECV project and the SMOSIce project.