Investigations of the Correlation between Tropical Cyclones and the Ionosphere in 2011-2013
Vanina-Dart, Liudmila; Sharkov, Evgenij
Space Research Institute of Russian Academy of Science (IKI RAN), RUSSIAN FEDERATION

Advanced international investigations of the correlation between tropical cyclones (TCs) and the ionosphere are connected with extreme difficulties of proving the action of possible mechanisms of TC effect on the ionosphere. TCs are the greatest troposphere disasters. Powerful surges of charged particles and neutrals, internal gravity wave radiation and low-frequency electromagnetic wave radiation from central points of TCs to considerable altitudes and distances are a manifestation of TC action mechanisms. The authors of this presentation analyze the ionosphere parameters, received in the process of both ground and satellite probing above TC and at a certain distance from it. Cyclones, being examined in the paper, functioned in waters of the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean in different years.It was discovered that from TC formation till the beginning of its most active phase over the area of its activity and near the ionosphere the growth of parameter values took place (up to 100 %). Then, over TC location area, parameter values started to decrease (up to 50 %). Basic difference in relation to TC effect on the ionosphere in terms of power level was not detected.