MOHO Depth Estimation by Inversion of Gravity Data & Utilizing MOHO Depth Quantities Produced by Seismological Studies
Parang, Soran
University of Tehran, IRAN, ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF

The Moho depth and the crustal structure can be calculated using various methods and drawing on a variety of geophysical data. The calculation of Moho Depth based on seismological data is often conducted via the Receiver Function method which is better than the inversion of gravity data in terms of spatial separation; on the other hand, the utilization of gravity observations has a twofold advantage of being less expensive (cost efficient) and having more suitable surface covering. In the current research, in order to estimate the Moho depth a compound method based on the simultaneous use of both the gravity data and the calculated Moho depth quantities, calculated by the seismological methods, is employed. The gravity data used in this research are those of the Bouguer anomaly and long Wavelength which have been obtained after the application of the topographical correction to the free air gravity anomaly resulting from the GGM02C geopotential model. Afterwards, by using these data in the inversion problem and the introduction of the known quantities of Moho depth, obtained from seismological studies as constraint, the Moho depth of Iran has been estimated. Eventually, the results have been compared with the results obtained by other methods and geological studies in the region.