ESA LDCM Data Repository, Product pPocessing and Dissemination System
Spence, Ian; Edgardh, Lars; Haglund, Oscar
Spacemetric AB, SWEDEN

Spacemetric has developed the Central Infrastructure Facility (CIF) to support the role of the European Space Agency (ESA) as an International Co-operator within the Landsat Data Continuity Mission (LDCM), launched in February 2013. The CIF has been developed under contract to Logica UK, now part of CGI, and is responsible for ESA's LDCM data repository, product processing and dissemination. The implementation of the CIF has been innovative by using Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) software - specifically Spacemetric's Keystone image management platform - that establishes a service-based environment around the LDCM-specific processing components from NASA. This provides an enhanced degree of process control and automation, while also taking advantage of built-in features such as Keystone's online portal for product distribution to end-users. ESA has also chosen to support near real-time services for users' access to image data soon after reception. Taking advantage of a COTS-based solution with a significant range of built-in, ready-made functions has enabled a low-risk, rapid deployment of these capabilities for the ESA LDCM Ground Segment.