The CEDA Archive: Data and Services
Marsh, Kevin

The purpose of the Centre for Environmental Archival (CEDA) is to deliver long term curation of scientifically important environmental data at the same time as facilitating the use of data by the environmental science community. Nearly 2Pb of data are available from the archive.
These data are from a number of sources, including satellites, ground based, in-situ and numerical models, and CEDA has data from a number of major research projects including CMIP5, RAPID-WATCH and OCEANS2025. CEDA are also providing a range of services via the JASMIN and CEMS systems in order to make these data more easily accessible to users, and to help them face the 'big data' challenges which are now here.
CEDA are also deeply involved in a number of EU data infrasturcture projects (such as IS-ENES), the development of metadata standards (such as the cf-conventions), and quality control for EU data (via the CHARMe project).