A Set of Software Tools Supporting EO Satellite: Instrument Swath, Visualization and Data Analysis
Pinol Sole, Montserrat1; De Bartolomei, Maurizio2; Zundo, Michele1; Hoyos Ortega, Berta3

The purpose of this paper is to present the software tools for mission and data analysis distributed by the ESA-ESTEC EOP System Support Division to users from the ESA Earth Observation community.
These software tools can be used to perform mission analysis activities, e.g. calculate and display instrument swaths over an area of interest (ESOV NG), 3D satellite orbit visualization (AIR2EO and iPhone app WIS) and telemetry data inspection (S2G). The underlying software libraries (EO CFI) can be embedded in user applications to obtain orbit, target geo-location and visibility calculations. Finally, a case study is described to demonstrate the usage of the software tools.