MIPAS Measurements of Stratospheric Fluorine and Chlorine
Cai, Shaomin; Dudhia, Anu
University of Oxford, UNITED KINGDOM

Stratospheric fluorine and chlorine both have important effects on the atmosphere, especially chlorine on ozone depletion and fluorine in long-lived greenhouse gases. Atmospheric fluorine and chlorine are mainly comes from man-made species, such as CFCs, HCFCs. Here we study fluorine and chlorine inventories measured by Michelson Interferometer for Passive Atmospheric Sounding (MIPAS).

MIPAS is a Fourier transform spectrometer instrument operated on the Envisat satellite from 2002-2012, operating in the near- to mid-imfrared region at the Earth's limb.

We present results of retrievals of these species using the Oxford processor, MORSE, to establish climatological distributions and identify any trends detectable in the MIPAS 10-year dataset.