Simulataneous Assimilation of Three EO Data Streams Into Two Models of the Global Terrestrial Biosphere.
Kaminski, Thomas1; Chung, Daniel2; Dorigo, Wouter2; Giering, Ralf1; Heimann, Martin3; Köstler, Christoph3; Knorr, Wolfgang4; Lindroth, Anders4; Pinty, Bernard5; Scholze, Marko4; Scipal, Klaus6; Schürmann, Gregor3; Sebald, Christoph2; Voßbeck, Michael1; Wagner, Wolfgang2; Zaehle, Sönke3
1FastOpt, GERMANY; 2Technical University of Vienna, AUSTRIA; 3MPI BGC, GERMANY; 4Lund University, SWEDEN; 5JRC, ITALY; 6ESA, NETHERLANDS

CarbonFlux ( is a research project funded through ESA's support to science element. It aims at simultaneous assimilation of three earth observation (EO) data streams into two models of the terrestrial carbon cycle. The data streams are soil moisture observations by ASCAT/AMSR-E, Fraction of Absorbed Photosynthetically active Radiation (FAPAR) derived through the two-stream inversion package (TIP) from MODIS albedoes, and a column integrated CO2 product derived from SCIAMACHY. In two Carbon Cycle Data Assimilation Systems (CCDAS) these data streams are applied in a mathematically rigorous way together with prior information to act as simultaneous constraints on process parameters in the Biosphere Energy Transfer HYdrology Scheme (BETHY) and the Jena Scheme for Biosphere-Atmosphere Coupling in Hamburg (JSBACH). The calibrated models will provide an integrated view on the global carbon cycle and will deliver simulation results to the global carbon project (GCP). This is also an ideal framework to identify and remove inconsistencies between the data streams, the prior information and the models. We outline the study concept and will show first results at site scale.