SENTINEL-3 Payload Data Ground Segment Operational Data Products
Santella, Carla1; Sciarra, Roberto1; Goryl, Philippe2; Femenias, Pierre2; Buongiorno, Alessandra2; Fournier-Sicre, Vincent3; Nogueira Loddo, Carolina3; Wilson, Hilary3

The Sentinel-3 mission objectives encompass the commitment to consistent, long-term collection and operational provision of remotely sensed marine and land data, to measure sea surface topography, sea/land surface temperature and ocean/land surface colour with high-end accuracy and reliability in support of ocean forecasting systems and for environmental and climate monitoring. This poster is intended to present the Sentinel-3 data products that will be generated operationally within the Sentinel-3 Payload Data Ground Segment by the Sentinel-3 Instrument Processing Facilities (IPFs) and disseminated to the users. Products levels, classification, timeliness, generation and dissemination approach will be presented to provide an overview of the products characteristics and the operational scenario which will be put in place for the provision of the Sentinel-3 operational data.