Overview of Climate Data Records of the EUMETSAT Satellite Application Facility on Climate Monitoring
Hollmann, Rainer; Fuchs, Petra; Selbach, Nathalie; Koziar, Christian; Stein, Diana; Tan, Jinghong

The EUMETSAT Satellite Application Facility on Climate Monitoring (CM SAF) generates, archives and distributes widely recognized high-quality satellite-derived products and services relevant for climate monitoring. Several data sets have already been released by CM SAF. Users have access to many parameters of the water and energy cycle based on operational satellite instruments. The time series of the climate data sets range from 8 to about 30 years. The Climate Data Records (CDR) based on geostationary satellite data have a regional coverage (METEOSAT disk), while those based on polar orbiting satellites have a global coverage. CM SAF is offering CDRs generated from the MVIRI, SEVIRI and GERB instruments onboard the METEOSAT series as well as AVHRR, ATOVS and SSM/I on different polar orbiting satellites. These CDRs are made available via a web user interface which also allows to apply post-processing procedures, such as the extraction of sub-areas or re-projection.
Further climate data records will be released until the end of the current project phase (CDOP-2), covering several cloud parameters, surface albedo, radiation fluxes at top of the atmosphere and at the surface, aerosols, precipitation as well as different water vapour parameters and fluxes. These will be derived from different sensors onboard operational geostationary and polar orbiting satellites including instruments such as (A)TOVS, AVHRR (in GAC resolution), SSM/I and SSMIS, GERB, MVIRI and SEVIRI. As for the already released data sets, different areas of the globe will be covered depending on the satellite type.
This presentation will give an overview of the current and planned re-processing activities at the CM SAF. It will describe the data sets as well as the user access to all CM SAF products and services.