Multi-Resolution Analysis of GOCE SGG for Data Decimation on a Grid at the Mean Satellite Orbital Height
Moore, Philip; Grebenitcharsky, Rossen
Newcastle University, UNITED KINGDOM

Various approaches can be employed to grid GOCE Satellite Gravity Gradiometer (SGG) along-track data at the mean satellite orbital height. One approach is to utilize the localization properties of wavelets in both the frequency and spatial domains to decompose, analyze and reconstruct the gravity field signal in SGG data at different levels of wavelet decomposition in a 2D Wavelet Multi-Resolution Analysis (WMRA). Results from a simultaneous analysis in the scale (frequency) and space domains are presented for 2D WMRA of GOCE SGG data. This analysis is expected to facilitate the gridding procedure of gradiometer data at the mean satellite orbit by utilizing data from along track 1D WMRA. Conclusions about the performance of WRMA will be drawn regarding the signal content preservation of GOCE data necessary for regional geoid modeling.