Handling Sentinel-1 Data Products in NEST
Veci, Luis1; Lu, Jun1; Fomferra, Norman2; Quast, Ralf2
1Array Systems Computing Inc, CANADA; 2Brockman Consult, GERMANY

Sentinel-1 readers and tools have been developed into ESA's open source Next ESA SAR Toolbox (NEST) as part of the Sentinel User Handbook and Exploitation Tools (SUHET) project with funding by the European Union. Sentinel-1 will not only have products that are much larger and acquired with higher temporal frequency than any of the previous ESA SAR missions, but also users will have unrestricted access to significantly more data. The new readers and tools have been optimized to be able to handle the large quantities of data expected and to maximize reuse of existing SAR tools.
Special consideration was taken into account for handling of the new TOPSAR technique for Interferometric Wide and Extra Wide acquisition modes. A debursting and merge operator was created to enable further processing of the SLC data products from these modes. This paper describes the Sentinel-1 data products, challenges encountered, architecture of NEST and results of the development.