Project of InSAR Vector Velocity Measurements of the Sea Surface
Pereslegin, Sergey; Ivonin, Dmitry
P.P. Shirshov Institute of Oceanology, RUSSIAN FEDERATION

The problem of reconstruction of vector velocity fields of ocean surface using conventional relationships for SAR interferometers (InSAR) is addressed. Two important cases are considered: velocity fields of orbital motions of the long wind waves at high resolution, and gradient mesoscale currents. The accuracy of measurements of along-track InSAR is examined. Vector velocity fields (radial and tangent components) are proposed to be evaluated using a setup of two slightly along-track inclined antenna beams. The velocity InSAR fluctuation error is estimated taking into account the radiated energy, as well as, systematic errors due variation of the Earth rotation along the track. The along-track resolution is estimated for the case of long wind waves. As examples, amplitude and velocity images of ships produced by InSAR TerraSAR-X in the Elbe estuary are presented. In conclusion we give recommendations for design of an "universal" InSAR for retrieval the amplitude and velocity images of the sea surface, including drifting ice fields.

This work was funded by Russian Government (Grant No.11.G34.31.0078) for research under supervision of the leading scientist at Russian State Hydrometeorological University, Program of the Presidium RAS N 23 "Sea wave dynamics in remote sensing of the sea surface problems at near-shore zone", RFBR grant N 12-05-92004-HHC_a.

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