Improvement of Different Techniques for DSM Extraction from EROS B Stereopair of a Post Seismic Scenario
Mormile, Martina1; Milone, Maria Vittoria1; Baiocchi, Valerio1; Dominici, Donatella2
1University "La Sapienza", ITALY; 2University of L'Aquila, ITALY

The aim of this work is to describe a test carried out to evaluate the possibility of extracting digital surface models (DSM) from stereoscopic images acquired from one of the less investigated satellite platforms: EROS-B. In the present paper the phases of extraction of a DSM from high resolution stereopairs using different methodologies are illustrated, and the results obtained are described and analyzed. Experimentation on using GCPs from GPS/GNSS survey and cartography were performed.
The test focused on two "pseudo" stereo pairs and one actual stereopair acquired by this satellite on two morphologically different areas, the first located in the center of L'Aquila city and the second area located few kilometers eastern (Paganica area), whose history was marked by some earthquakes because it is situated partially on an active seismic area and on an ancient lake-bed. The importance of this study is due in part to the fact that using EROS-B imagery in the L'Aquila area, recently marked by a strong earthquake, allowed so the extraction of digital models in order to compare DSMs before and after the seismic event, giving the possibility to quantify the building volumetric changes and perform an initial assessment of damages.