Global 3-D Imaging of Mantle Electrical Conductivity from Space and Ground. Recent Developments
Kuvshinov, Alexey; Puethe, Christoph; Koch, Stephan
Institute of Geophysics, ETHZ Zurich, SWITZERLAND

We summarize our recent progress in the development of frequency domain inversion schemes that aim to map the three-dimensional (3-D) mantle conductivity distribution on a global scale. As applied to satellite data, two approaches are discussed. One is based on an inversion of time spectra of spherical harmonic (SH) coefficients describing the induced part of the magnetic potential. This approach has been elaborated during the development phase of the Swarm satellite mission. The second approach deals with an inversion of the responses that connect inducing and induced SH coefficients. As applied to ground (observatory) data, an inversion scheme based on the simultaneous determination of the source structure and the 3-D conductivity distribution is presented. Pros and cons of the proposed 3-D inverse solutions are discussed.