The SCIAMACHY Consolidated Level 0 Dataset
Gottwald, Manfred1; Brizzi, Gabriele2; Krieg, Eckhart1; Reissig, Katja1; How, John1; Dehn, Angelika3; Fehr, Thorsten3
1German Aerospace Center - DLR, GERMANY; 2SERCO S.p.A., ITALY; 3ESA-ESRIN, ITALY

SCIAMACHY on ENVISAT has acquired spectral data over a period of more than 10 years between March 2002 and April 2012. Because of SCIAMACHY’s high duty cycle the data archives host a large amount of high quality measurement data. These are widely used in the Atmospheric Chemistry community. Already during the in-orbit phase, SCIAMACHY’s consolidated level 0 data (cL0) were regularly subject to a thorough verification. In this way a complete and quality controlled cL0 data set was established. It formed a solid basis for all past re-processing campaigns and is a big asset when long-term data preservation becomes a major topic in the post-operations phase.
Because of the strict quality control measures, it was possible to unambiguously identify corrupt or missing data and trigger the recovery of as much cL0 products as possible. Starting with quasi-routine measurements in August 2002 and ending on April 8th, 2012, our verification scheme has resulted in collecting up to 98% of the total data. It is our goal to improve this figure even further as part of our post-operations activities.
Our presentation gives an overview of the verification scheme, how the consolidation process has evolved over the years and illustrates final statistics. The SCIAMACHY cL0 quality monitoring approach can be regarded as a reference scheme for future Earth Observation missions.