Mapping La Valette Landslide (French Alps) displacement Using High Resolution SAR Image Correlation
Raucoules, daniel1; de Michele, Marcello1; Mallet, Jean Philippe2
1BRGM, FRANCE; 2Institut de Physique du Globe de Strasbourg, FRANCE

In the presented study, we apply the image correlation technique to multi-mode multi-temporal High-Resolution SAR data from TerraSAR-X. Image correlation technique has the advantage of providing displacement maps in two directions, the Line of Sight direction (LOS) and the Azimuth direction. These two information, derived from the two modes of data acquisition (ascending and descending), can be combined routinely to infer the 3 dimensional surface displacement field at different epochs yielding a 4-dimensional displacement field. A methodology is proposed for defining the displacement field at the La Valette large landslide (South French Alps) using TerraSAR-X images acquired in 2010. Our results show the internal dynamics of La Valette landslide including short spatial wavelength details.

3D displacement map of the La Valette landslide for the April–November 2010 period. Color represents the vertical displacements and arrows the horizontal displacements.