ViStaMPS: the Application for Viewing and Manipulating StaMPS Results
Sousa, Joaquim1; Magalhaes, Luis1; Ruiz, Antonio2; Sousa, Antonio1; Cardoso, Gil1
1University of Tras-os-Montes e Alto Douro, PORTUGAL; 2University of Jaen, SPAIN

Stanford Method for Persistent Scatterers InSAR implementation - StaMPS ( is widely used for ground deformation measurement and monitoring based on the processing of multi temporal SAR data, mainly because of its proven reliability and it freeware distribution for scientific community. However, some issues may difficult the results interpretation task: StaMPS supports data processing based on command prompt, what becomes uncomfortable for most users to know all the commands needed for the various existing operations; and several visualization tasks are not implemented in the standard approach requiring that each user has to develop its own code for visualization and interpretation purposes. On the other hand, results provided by StaMPS are sensitive to several parameters, but the procedure does not provide direct support for changing these parameters without rerunning some steps. In this paper we present ViStaMPS, a new graphical interface developed to enhance the visualization and the interpretation of StaMPS results.